Leisa Rich is an Art archeologist and experimentalist.


I invite you to share in the experience of artistic exploration by being a co-creator with me, through panels you can actually move, environments to walk through and immerse yourself in, tactile, touchable pieces, textural works that visually stimulate, and cell phone sound symphonies that encourage social interconnectivity. 

I bring my conceptual 2D, sculptures, and installations to fruition using thread, plastics, fabrics, mixed media, recycled and repurposed detritus, and more. I use old materials and fiber art/art techniques in new ways, and transform new materials and techniques in ways they were not originally intended for. My preferred techniques include 3D printing, free motion stitching — otherwise known as machine embroidery, a way of "painting" and building texture with sewing thread on a sewing machine — and manipulating a fascinating material called Fosshape®. I also dye, paint, burn, melt, hand embroider, cast, build and assemble. Enter any of the galleries above and be treated to a feast for your senses!

Impactful experiences as a child that include deafness and celebrating getting out of the hospital with a trip to Disneyland, the beauty and effect of human behavior on nature, and a quest to instigate human interaction through sight/touch/sound create a hyper-Utopian, enveloping experience for myself and viewers. 

Leisa Rich has Master of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, and Bachelor of Education in Art degrees, and has been teaching for 44 years in schools, arts centers, and universities, across the U.S., Canada, and in her studio. Her work is published in numerous books, magazines, on line, and in televised interviews. She has also written reviews and articles for national and international magazines, and created videos for arts organizations, magazines and zines. She has art works in the permanent collections of Delta Airlines Inc., Emory Healthcare, The Kamm Foundation, The Dallas Museum of Art, The University of Texas, and The University of North Texas, and in many private collections across the U.S., Canada and the EU.

Rich published her first children's book in 2015, comprised of 26 hand made dioramas and matching tongue twister type pages. View and order it at: www.animalalphabettravelingtwisters.com

CONTACT LEISA at her email:   monaleisa@bellsouth.net

Additional art works for sale at www.saatchiart.com/leisar and on Wescover! Find it in local spaces and reveal how it’s connected to the local art/design community here: Leisa Rich’s Wescover Map